part a - key concepts and basis for intercultural education
Chapter 1 - Challenges, Problems and their Origins
The Reality of Our Societies: Difference
Differences between people are not valued as an asset, they more usually lead to suspicion or rejection
North-South, A Question Of Imbalance
The international economic system
An imbalance everyone of us helps to maintain
East - West: The New Search For Balance
The changing faces of Europe
Different Europes
Minorities in Europe
Local Minorities
The Legal "Welcome" to Those Coming from Outside
And What Are Our Responses to All of This?
A Model to Adapt
IF... THEN...
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Chapter 2 - Understanding Difference and Discrimination
From Multicultural to Intercultural Societies
Let's Talk About Culture
Learning Your Own Culture: Something as Natural as Breathing
We All Live With Images
Prejudice and stereotypes about other cultural groups
Linking The Images And Their Effects
Where do we go from here?
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Chapter 3 - Intercultural Education: A Positive Approach to Difference
Where Does Intercultural Education Come From?
Educational responses to multicultural society
Intercultural Education: A Social Education Process
Two Ways of Travelling:
1. Formal intercultural education
2. Informal Intercultural Education
Working With Young People – A Continuous Process
Pause for Thought
To sum up, it may be helpful to remember that:
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part b - activities, methods and resources
I. Introduction
How to use the pack
II. The educational approach
Working with young people
III. Developing an intercultural education programme
Tips for facilitators
Leading discussions
Dealing with conflict
Evaluation or reviewing
IV. Activities
V. Credits
Table of Activities, Levels and Themes Addressed
An A-Z of Actions for the Campaign
Antonio and Ali
Dear Friend...
Eurojoke Contest
Euro-rail "à la carte"
Every Picture Tells a Story
First Impressions
Force the Circle
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
The History Line
In Our Block
The Island
Just Do It!
Knysna Blue
Limit 20
Making the News
Me Too
Media Biases
My Childhood
My Story
National Holiday
Odd One Out
One Equals One
The Path to Development
Personal Heroes
The Refugee
The Rules of the Game
Seeking Similarities and Discovering Diversity
Sharing Discrimination
Tales of the World
Trailing Diversity
Tree of Life
"What Do You See?"
Where Do You Stand?
White Future
Ways Into Starting Work on the Theme of the Campaign
A. Written Materials
B. Videos / Films
Appendix I - The Vienna Declaration
Appendix II - Declaration of the European Youth Organisations done at the Council of Europe Summit in Vienna, 8-9 October 1993
Evaluation Form