This education pack is a starting point. Here are some suggestions for further reflection and action, used in the preparation of the "all different - all equal campaign". For more recent publications and internet links, please have a look at the Compass section on Discrimination and Xenophobia.

A. Written Materials

Anne Frank Stichting (1992) : De wereld van Anne Frank, Brussels

An education pack for 14 to 17 year olds. The first files sets the story of Anne Frank within the context of Nazism. The second contains a suitable collection of work sheets and texts about discrimination and racism today.

ASTI asbl (1993) : Immigration, tolérance, racisme, Luxembourg

This dossier contains immigration statistics, work sheets, personal testimonies and literary texts from different authors. It was produced by ASTI in conjunction with the CDAIC, the Ministry for Cultural Affairs and the National Education Ministry. French language. Available from: ASTI asbl, 10 rue Laval, L-1922 Luxembourg.

Bandrés, J.M., Garrido D.L., Ibánez C. R., (1994): « Xenofobia en Europa. Instrumentos jurídicos contra el racismo », Jóvens Contra la Intolerancia, Editorial Popular, Madrid, Espagne [ISBN: 84-7884-124-5]

Compilation of different international legal texts concerning racism and intolerance. Contains also an overview of racism in different European countries and the approaches to tackle it. Very useful as background information. Spanish language, 123 pages.

Budzinski, Manfred and Clemens, Karin : Rausland oder : Menschenrechte für alle, Lamuv

People of foreign origin who live in Switzerland are often marginalised and suffer discrimination. What are the reasons for this? How might it be possible to create a real multicultural society? How can effective protection of minorities be guarantied? German language.

Cardenas, Carmen, Equipe Claves (1995) : « Guia para la Educacion Intercultural con Jovenes », Comunidad de Madrid-Dirección General de Juventud, Madrid, Espagne [ISBN : 84-451-0966-9]

A guide for intercultural education with young people, providing basic, understandable and clear clues on intercultural education for youth work purposes. Points out the essential elements for developing intercultural education programmes and activities. Spanish language, 78 pages.

Christlicher Friedensdienst : Was tut uns der Rassismus an?, CFD

How do we react to the growing racist tendencies in our societies? What do we do when we reach the limits of understanding for that which is "foreign"? This workbook by the Christian Movement for Peace is for schools and adult groups and contains texts, poems, pictures and lots of tips for further activities. German language.

Colectivo AMANI (1994) : Educación Intercultural. Análisis y resolución de conflictos, editorial popular, Madrid

The necessity for intercultural education from a Spanish viewpoint. Includes many descriptions of planned intercultural activities. Spanish language.

Collins, Adrienne (1995) : Racism and Intolerance in Ireland, Report of the Campaign Committee, National Youth Council of Ireland (NYCI)

History of racism and intolerance in Ireland, personal experiences, the legislative position in Ireland. An NYCI committee makes 14 recommendations to address racism in Ireland. Available from: NYCI, 3 Montague Street, Dublin 2, Ireland

Conseil de la jeunesse d'expression française (1994) : Argumentaire, CJEF, Bruxelles

A series of meeting places common to immigrants are placed within their context. Special attention is paid to providing information not generally available. French language. Available from: CJEF, boulevard Adolphe Max 13, B-1000 Brussels, Belgium.

Council of Europe (1995): DOmino - A Manual to use Peer Group Education as a Means to Fight Racism, Xenophobia, Anti-Semitism and Intolerance, Strasbourg

This manual contains constructive ideas and dues for youth workers to encourage young people to practice peer education. French and English languages.

Crickley, Anastasia (1990) : Racism : the Concept, the Dynamic and the Issue, Co-options

The ideology and practice of racism: the idea of 'race' and 'races'; racial typology and race thinking; forms of racism; whose problem is racism? what can we do about it? English language. Available from: Trocaire, 169 Booterstown Avenue, Blackrock, County Dublin, Ireland

Dadziel, Stella (1993) : « Racetracks », London Borough of Greenwhich, Directorate of Education, Woolwich, United Kingdom [ISBN : 1-898443-009]

This resource pack for tackling racism with young people is a combination of historical and recent information about racism, recent statistics, staff-training exercises and practical anti-racist activities. Foranyone who works with young people (aged 11-21). English language, 225 pages.

Dieteren, Caria and van Hoesel, Luciën (1994) : « From xenophobia to extremely intolerant behaviour among young people », IKOL, Roermond, Pays-Bas

A manual about extremely intolerant young people and methods to work with them. It provides basic information and analysis as well as a description of different approaches and experiences of working with (extremely) intolerant young people. Particularly suitable for youth and social workers. English and Dutch languages [Dutch version: ISBN 90-801997-1-0]. Available from: Limburg Institute for Categorial Relations, P.O. Box 1097, NL-6040 ROERMOND.

European Youth Centre / Centre Européen de la Jeunesse (1991-1993) : Training Courses Resource File / Stages de formation - Dossier Ressources, 12 vols, Council of Europe, Strasbourg

A series of volumes which bring together most of the basic documents used and developed in EYC training courses. Subjects include: intercultural learning; planning and organising international youth activities; and evaluation techniques. French and English languages. Edited version also available in Russian.

Fondazione Cariplo per le iniziative e lo studio suilla multietnicità: Crescere in un società multietnica (1992)

Education guide on multi-ethnic societies for students at the end of elementary school. Italian language. 65 pages.

Conoscere per una società multietnica (1993)

Education guide on multi-ethnic societies for students in secondary school. Italian language. 100 pages.

Frischknecht, Jürg : Schweiz, wir kommen, Limmat

Frischknecht has investigated the militant racist scene for over ten years. Here he investigates the activities and organisation of those who are responsible for such acts of violence as fire-bombing asylum refuges and physical attacks against foreigners. German language.

International Christian Youth Exchange (1995): ICYE Handbook - European Youth Exchanges, ICYE, Brussels

A collection of reflections, methods and interviews designed to improve the quality of intercultural youth exchanges. English language. Available from: ICYE, Naamsesteenweg 164, B-3001 Leuven, Belgium

Koninklijk Belgisch Institut voor Natuurwetenschappen (1993) : 5 miljard mensen : allemaal anders, allemaal famille, Brussels

This museum guide explains how science looks nowadays at physical equalities and differences amongst the world's population. It contains many drawings, statistics and explanations of the human body. Dutch and French languages. Available from KBIN, Vautierstraat, B-1040 Brussels, Belgium.

Liégeois, Jean-Pierre (1994) : « Roma, Gypsies, Travellers", Council of Europe Press, Strasbourg [ISBN 92-871-2349-7].

Aimed at teachers, teacher trainers, group leaders and social workers and at anyone else wishing to improve their understanding the issues of the Roma, Gypsies and Travellers. By providing an overview and understanding of their culture, lifestyle and identity, this book is a major contribution to counter so many stereotypes and prejudice about those communities. 323 pages, English and French languages [French edition: Roma, Tsiganes, Voyageurs, ISBN 92-871-2348-9]. Available at sales agents of the Council of Europe publications or at the Council of Europe Press, F-67075 CEDEX.

Liessens, Jean-Luc (1993) : Ailleurs est aussi un pays. Jeunes, immigrations et mouvements associatifs, Conseil de la jeunesse catholique, Éditions Vie Ouvrière, Brussels

The presence of young Muslims in youth organisations is one of the tangible signs of a society requested to be positively multicultural. Includes stories, songs, extracts from comic books and film reviews. French language.

Lorenz, Walter (1994) : « Developing Anti-Racist Strategies » - An experimental learning module within the Youth for Europe programme, European Centre for Community Education, Coblence

An analysis of the use of youth exchanges as part of the anti-racist struggle. Includes linked activities for use with youth groups. English language. Available from: ECCE, Am Finkenherd 4, D-5400 Koblenz, Deutschland

Mångkulturellt Centrum (1991): « Sagor från hela världen », Invandrarminnesarkivet, Sveriges Invandrarinstitutet och Museum i Botkyrka, Stockholm, Sweden [ISBN : 91-971176-1-7]

A collection of 28 traditional taies from 28 countries. Taies represent excellent « ways-in » to approach different cultures and countries. The taies are published in their native language and in Swedish. 268 pages. Available from: Mångkulturellt Centrum, Fittja Gård, S-14785 TUMBA.

Meulenbelt, Anja : Scheidelinien - Über Sexismus, Rassismus und Klassismus, rororo Taschenbuch

This book talks about the problem associated with the exclusive fight against one form of discrimination. The danger lies in not being able to understand ail the mechanisms of discrimination. German language.

Morán, Juan de Dios (1993) : « Cuaderno de Educación Multiétnica », Jóvenes Contra la Intolerancia, Editorial Popular, Madrid, Spain [ISBN : 84-7884-096-6]

A collection of texte and educational activities for young people in school and out-of-school. It provides information and concrete activities regarding stereotypes, history and understanding of the problems and situation of refugees and immigrants. Spanish language, 70 pages.

Morelli, Anne (1992) : Histoire des étrangers et de l'immigration en Belgique de la préhistoire à nos jours, collection EVO Histoire, Éditions Vie Ouvrière - CBAI, Brussels

This book sets out to demonstrate that population movements have always existed and that we are ail the products of immigration. French and Dutch languages.

Morsy, Zaghloul (1994 for the Spanish version): « La Tolerancia, Antología de textos », Jóvens contra la intolerancia/Editorial Popular/Ediciones UNESCO, Madrid, Spain [ISBN : 84-7884-123-7]

Spanish version of a UNESCO anthology of texts about tolerance. From the Bible to the Koran, from Cervantes to Voltaire, from Tomas de Aquino to Martin Luther King, the anthology gathers some of the most beautiful and deepest texte about tolerance from ail over the world. Spanish language, 270 pages.

Nederveen Pieterse, Jan: Wit over zwart. Beelden van Afrika en zwarten in de weterse populaire cultuur, NOVIB, Den Haag

« White on Black » is a study about the development of power and images. How are relations of domination expressed in everyday culture, how are they normalised and how do they find their expression in word and picture? Dutch language.

Otten, Hendrik and Treuheit, Werner (1994): Interkulturelles Lernen in Theorie und Praxis, Leske + Budrich, Opladen, 1994

A comprehensive survey of the current state of the theory and practice of intercultural learning in international youth activities. German language.

Perotti, Antonio (1994) : The case for Intercultural Education, Council of Europe, Strasbourg.

English and French languages. Available at sales agents of the Council of Europe publications or at the Council of Europe Press, F-67075 CEDEX.

Red Cross Youth (1995): « Do you see what I see? », Geneva, Switzerland.

Action and training pack for young people with concrete education activities concerning Images, Differences, Conflicts and Action. English language, 36 pages. Available from: International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, Youth Programme, P.O. Box 372, CH-1211 GENEVE.

SOS Racismo « Guia Anti-Racista », Lisboa, Portugal, 1992.

A collection of texts and articles about racism and discrimination in the Portuguese society by different authors. Portuguese language, 130 pages. Available from: SOS Racismo, Rua Rodrigo da Fonseca 56-2, P-1000 LISBOA.

SOS Racismo (1994) : « Escola de todas as cores », Lisboa, Portugal.

A complete set of education activities dealing with racism and intercultural education for teachers to use in secondary schools. The interest of the pack is that it provides ready-made activities for the different classes and school years and adapted to the specific curricula of each class. Portuguese language, 120 pages. Available from: SOS Racismo, Rua Rodrigo da Fonseca 56-2, P-1000 LISBOA.

Taylor, Mark (1993): Alien 93: Youth Organisations Combating Racism and Xenophobia, Youth Directorate, Council of Europe, Strasbourg

Many youth organisations promote active tolerance and combat racism. This publication brings together a wide range of materials drawn from their work including: differing perceptions of racism; social, political and educational activities; and an annotated filmography. German, French, English, Spanish and Slovak languages.

(Le) Toit du monde, Orcades, (1993): Regards Pluriels », Poitiers, France [ISBN : 2-903809-19-4]

A handbook with 38 educational activities about prejudice, discrimination, racism and exclusion. Suitable for informal education and for formal education. French language, 76 pages. Available from: ORCADES, 12 rue des Carmélites, F-86000 POITIERS.

Uitgeverij EPO (1993): Tien gekleurde meisjes, Berchem [ISBN : 90-6445-777-8]

This book is an original introduction to the whole world, described by young women who you meet daily on the bus or in the train. It offers experiences, feelings and ideas to help you realise the inhumanity of nationalism and racism. Dutch language.

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