B. Videos / Films

Armendáriz, Montxo (1990): Las Cartas de Alou, Prod. Elias Querejeta, Madrid, Spain.

Alou comes illegally to Spain in search of a job. Doing occasional jobs he manages to survive, makes friends and, finally is expelled. Only to try to enter again in Spain. The letters he writes to his family tell of intolerance, exploitation and difficulties he meets. Spanish language, 90 minutes. Available from Elias Querejeta P.C.SL, Maestro Lassalle, 21, E-28016 MADRID. For other countries than Spain: Lumière, 14 rue Séguier, F-75006 PARIS.

ASTI asbl (1993): Cohabitation, Luxembourg

A collection of portraits of children, young people and adults at school, in their free time, at work, during festivals, etc. This series of people of different nationalities is without words and is accompanied by music. Available from: ASTI asbl, 10 rue Lavai, L-1922 Luxembourg.

BRTN (1992): Belgen alle landen, Panorama, Brussels, Belgium

An edition of "Panorama" about immigration into Belgium over the last thirty years and particularly about the way public opinion has reacted to migrant youngsters since the troubles of 1991. 40 minutes. Dutch language. Available from: BRTN, Reyerslaan 52, B-1044 Brussels, Belgium.

Comunidad de Madrid (1995): Abre tu Mundo, Prod. La sombra Associados and Comunidad de Madrid, Spain.

A short documentary to introduce the issues of intercultural education and global interdependence. Very suitable for schools and informal education. Spanish language, 8 minutes. Available from: Comunidad de Madrid, Consejeria de Educaciôn y Cultura, Dirección de J Juventud, Madrid, Spain.

Fondazione Cariplo per le iniziative e lo studio suilla multietnicità: Storie di Bambini (1995)

Education pack in the form of video cassettes for intercultural education in elementary school. One cassette is a video animation about children from different cultures. 7 minutes. Italian language. The second cassette tells a day in the life of children from China, Egypt, Peru and Ghana. 2 hours. Italian language. Available from: ISMU, Foro Buonaparte 22,1-20121 Milano.

Lejeune, S (1984) : L'orchestre noir, Essel Films - Contrechamp, Brussels

Documentary about the extreme Right in Europe and particularly in Belgium. Includes archive films and photographs about their activities. 100 minutes. French language. Available from: La médiatèque de la Communauté française, place de l'Amitié 6, B-1160 Bruxelles, Belgium.

McGovern, Philip (1991) : Black and Irish, RIE Production

Interviews with two young black students born in Ireland, their experiences and feelings on being 'different', how they are perceived by others. English language. Available from: Youth Programs Department, Kevin Linehan, RTE Television Centre, Donnybrook, Dublin 4, Ireland

Mediabib (1987): Lege cel, Mediabib

Television film based on the René Swartenbroekx book about generation conflict in a Turkish family living in Belgium. 50 minutes. Available from CBW, Van Davelstraat 35,B-2140 Borgerhout, Belgium.

Osten, Susan (1993): « Tala, det är så mörkt », Götafilm, Sueden.

The story of the relationship between a young aggressive and racist skinhead and a Jewish doctor who tries to help him to overcome his social problems. Throughout the film, a portrait of a society where racism and discrimination have become « normal » situations. Excellent for group discussion. Swedish language original, sub-titled English and French versions; 90 minutes. English and French versions available on video from: Satchel Films, 10 av. des Gobelins, F-75005 PARIS. English title: « Speak up, it's so dark », French title: « L'affrontement ».

RTBF (1986): La perception de l'étranger chez l'enfant, Émission Nuances, Brussels

Report about a holiday of a group of ten year olds coming from different origins. Stereotypes and affinities are analysed. 93 minutes. French language. Available from: La médiatèque de la Communauté française, place de l'Amitié 6, B-1160 Bruxelles, Belgium.

Terbah, Halim and Treguer, Patrick (1993): «VISA pour un AUTRE REGARD», co-production Le Toit du Monde and MCL Carré Images, Poitiers, France

Film about racism in Poitiers. Gathering multiple opinions, impressions and feelings from teenagers and adults, this film is a mirror of a society that leaves little room for those who are different. Manicheism, Complexity, Democracy and Information, are some of the keywords through which young people speak about racism. 37 minutes, VHS SECAM format, French language. Available from: MCL CARRE IMAGES, Service diffusion, B.P. 228, F-86006 POITIERS CEDEX.

Van Meir, G (1991): Het schoonste van al, Ikon Nederland 3 -BRTN, Brussels, Belgium

Rozeke, a 70 year old woman, has a swollen lip which makes talking difficult and she has been marked by other signs of violence. She has been attacked in her tiny apartment, situated in an old working class neighbourhood which counts many Moroccan immigrants amongst its inhabitants. Rozeke makes a statement in an Antwerp police office. Dutch language. Available from: BRTN, Reyerslaan 52, B-1044 Brussels, Belgium.

ALIEN 93 contains an annotated filmography of relevant films and videos which have been on general release..

Our thanks to the National Campaign Committees of Belgium, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain and Switzerland for their help in compiling this list.

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