Seeking Similarities and Discovering Diversity
Level 2
Theme G

How easy is it to find someone who thinks and feels the same as you?

Issues addressed

• Personal identity

• Accepting and celebrating diversity

• We are all different and all equal


• To discover the diversity within the group

• To develop communication skills

• To get to know each other and develop a good group feeling

Time: 20 minutes

Group size: 10 +


• Copies of the sheet and pens - one per person


Ask each player to fill in the question sheet and then to try to find someone else who has the same answers to all the questions. If they can't find someone, ask them to try to find someone with whom they share four characteristics, if they can't do that - then someone with three or at least two!

Debriefing and evaluation

Start by asking if people enjoyed this activity and why?

Then go on to talk about what they learned. Then ask:

• How many people found someone else with all five - four - three - two - one characteristic in common?

• What diversity of religion, taste in music, pet hates, favourite drinks etc. is there in the group?

• If you are such a diverse group how are you going to be able to work together?

Suggestions for follow up

People who are different are often discriminated against. If you want to explore what it feels like to be part of the majority and or a minority you could try 'Odd one out'.

Alternatively, you could try 'Knysna Blue' to relax and enjoy a little music, to find out more about the musical tastes of others in the group and to explore the cultural images we gain through music.

Whoever we are, however similar or diverse each one of us has rights of equality and dignity under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Young people under the age of 18 have special rights under the Convention of the Rights of the Child. If you want to find out more about the duties and responsibilities enshrined in the CRC, then you may like to do the activity, 'Children's Rights' in Compass.

Seeking similarities and discovering diversity:

Write in the answers to the questions below and then try to find someone else who has the same answers to all the questions. If you can't do it, try to find someone with whom you share four characteristics - or three - or two - or are you unique?

• I was born in

• My religion is

• I am allergic to

• My pet hate is

• My favourite music is

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