V. Credits

The activities in this pack were assembled during a week of brainstorming, discussion and experimentation at CEULAJ (Centro Eurolatinoamericano de Juventud), Mollina, Spain. People suggested ideas which we then worked on together. However, where we each originally got our ideas from is not always easy to remember, some were learnt from books but others had been passed on by word of mouth or picked up in training sessions. For this reason it is not always possible to give due credit to the original sources. We apologise to any individual or organisation who deserves the credit and whose name is omitted. Our best attempts will be made to rectify this in the final pack.

Credit goes to the following organisations through which the authors gained the experience to develop the activities in this pack:

• The European Youth Centre of the Council of Europe, Strasbourg

• Colectivo AMANI, Madrid

• Equipo Claves, Madrid

• The Woodcraft Folk in Britain

• The Adult Education Centre (Wensum Lodge) Norwich, UK

• The Norfolk Youth and Community Service, UK

Publications which inspired us in particular were:

Educacion Intercultural. Analisis y resolucion de conflictos, Colectivo AMANI y Escuela de Animacion y Educacion Juvenil, Paseo de la Castellana, 101, 2. ISBN 84 7884 129 6

En un mundo de differencias ...un mundo diferente, Equipo Claves y Cruz Roja Juventud.

Racetracks, Greenwich Education Service, Greenwich, London, UK. ISBN 1 898443009

Other, specific credits are given with the relevant activity.

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