IF... THEN...

To sum up this chapter, it is clear that we need new responses for the new situations in which we find ourselves.

IF multicultural societies are a reality and they will be so in the future...

IF exploitation of the many is being used to support our privileged societies...

IF in our world, which is becoming smaller and more interdependent, very few problems stay within the present frontiers and will affect us all sooner or later...

IF countries and/or states are aware of their impossibility to remain isolated...

IF we believe in equal human rights for all...

THEN our actions should also express those commitments to bring about change.

THEN our response cannot be to build institutional or personal walls to "keep the others in their place".

THEN our response cannot be patronising or superior.

THEN we should begin to relate to each other at an equal level - whether its between different societies and cultures or between majorities and minorities within the same society.

THEN discrimination in the international economic system must be fought, otherwise marginalisation and poverty will continue on a global level.

THEN we need to work on understanding and modifying prejudice and stereotypes.

In short, we have to establish a way to change our Multicultural societies slowly into Intercultural ones.

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