Racism is a widely spread problem even in our days. People feel obliged to criticise others according to racial colour, religion, political or sexual beliefs. I find such behaviour unacceptable and even sickening. I just want to say that one should take a good look at oneself first before one begins to criticise others.

Miranda Maratheftou,
18 years, Cyprus

Session 8.8

Educational activities in the area of racism, anti-Semitism, intolerance and xenophobia


Towards the end of a course, which has explored and demonstrated peer group education and racism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism and intolerance in theory and practise. This activity provides a much needed outlet for the creative potential of individuals and the group.


• Video equipment

• A tested and tried video related to the issues of the campaign

• Flipchart paper or wall paper

• Coloured markers

• Box with: glue, scissors, tape, coloured paper, markers etc.


2.5 hours

Group size

10 - 30 people


The group is told that the aim of this activity is to create a 45 minutes programme around racism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism and intolerance issues, using video as stimulus material. Each group (5-6) can decide for themselves for what age range the programme is intended and how the 45 minutes is to be used. Afterwards, the group watches the video, participants can take notes, if they wish.

Participants have 90 minutes to discuss and to devise the content and methodology. The final negotiated programme is written up on the flipchart paper and stuck on the wall. One member of the group should remain beside it as a guide, to give any clarification or explanation if needed. Other members then can walk around, but will also take their turn as guide to give everybody an opportunity to read the activities.


Other stimulus material can be used, such as cartoons, a series of photographs or slides, a set of posters, articles from magazines or newspapers. The resulting programmes are often innovative, and can be run over a whole day if possible. The activity should be run to get feedback off the rest of the group.