Être raciste, c 'est se comporter à l'égard des autres comme s'ils n 'étaient pas des êtres humains comme vous.

Dan Paunescu,
17 ans, Roumanie

Session 8.1

What is peer group education?


Me and My ideas is about exploring the terminology around peer group education and why to use it as an educational approach in the light of the campaign ' All different - All equal.'


• Flipchart paper

• Coloured markers (thick)

• Sheets with questions


2 - 2.5 hours

Group size

15 - 20 people


Split people in small groups of four or five. Give the groups a sheet with the questions listed below and ask each group to discuss what they think about it. Explain that each group has to write down the main points of the discussion. At the end the groups will display their points on a flipchart paper for others to see and will give a short explanation.

Give a time limit for the group-work to discuss and prepare the flipchart paper. An hour or an hour and a half at least.


• What does the word 'peer' mean to you? What do you think peer education is?

• Make together a list of things which help people learning and a list of things that can make learning difficult?

• Say something about people who you have learnt things from. What sort of things? Who influenced you the most and who have influenced you less?

• Tell something about influences upon young people.

• What do you think of the ideas of young people learning from young people? (peer group education) What are the different benefits and difficulties of this educational approach?


This activity is an introduction to get people to think more about peer group education and whether it is something they would like to get involved in. At the end in the large group take enough time for the explanations of each group and allow time for general reflections and comments.