Racism is the proof of incapacity or powerlessness to understand the other people's problems.

Roman Rares,
24 years, Romania

Session 8.5

How to set up a peer group education programme


This session is about how to set up a peer group education programme and what action to take.


• Copies of check-list 'Step by Step'

• Flipchart paper or wall paper

• Coloured markers (thick)


2 - 2.5 hours

Group size

10 - 25 people


Form working groups of four. Ask each group to select one possible action project that they would like to consider carrying out. It is important for the groups to have a clear starting point, a concrete idea for a project. Give them a copy of the check-list to help them to develop their peer group education programme.

Ask the groups to note down their plans on a flipchart considering each step in the process of the project. These should be stuck to the walls so that others can read them. Allow people to move around the room to look at the plans. Finally, open up for general discussion if you feel that useful points could be made about some of the things shown.


This planning activity has its value in getting people to plan the different steps and to consider what may happen with their plans. It can help ensure that idealistic ideas have a practical and realistic root. The S.W.O.T. Analysis made of the organisation can be used as a basis for the planning work.

You will find more information about project planning in Compass on page 276 of the section on Taking Action. If you want some ideas about what sort of action you could take in your project then look at the A-Z of Actions in the all different all equal education pack.

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