Compasito - Manual on Human Rights Education for Children
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This guide is the result of the work and contributions of several experts and practitioners to which Nancy Flowers in particular has lent consistency, professionalism and soul.

We would like to thank Annette Schneider for her professional contribution to the educational steadiness and quality of the manual.

Special thanks go to Rui Gomes, editor of ‘Compass – a manual on human rights education with young people’, who represented the continuation of the concept of ‘Compass’, participated in the shaping of the concept of this manual, and followed the entire production process with invaluable comments and critical observations.

It was Laura De Witte who convinced us of the importance and feasibility of producing such a manual for children, came up with the title and shared with us her comments on the activities.

We would like to thank Katalin Lerch, Merit Ulvik and Jiri Tomcala for their contribution to the formulation of the content of the manual as members of the Development Team.

Thanks to Iris Bawidamann and Nadine Lyamouri-Bajja for their feedback, contributions and educational support to the activities of the manual.

The activities of the manual were tested by several highly committed colleagues: Burcu Meltem Arik, Paola Bortini, Mario D’Agostino, Gabriele Cespa, Caroline Gebara, Mara Georgescu, Ilona Hudák, Giorgi Kikalishvili, Sasho Kochankovski, Anna Lechowska, Anabela Moreira, Bijana Temelkova and Anne Thiemann.

We would also like to thank the following:

  • All those who participated in the first Consultative meeting on ‘Compasito’ in November 2005, for their work on designing the concept.
  • Tamara Kafkova, Nicoleta Dumitru and Ali Oktay Koc, the EYCB trainees in the production process, for their work in compiling and checking references and useful resources.
  • Antje Rothemund, Anikó Kaposvári, and Eva B. Nagy for their supportive remarks and useful suggestions.
  • Colleagues from different sections of the Council of Europe:
  • David Crowe, General Directorate of Human Rights, and
  • Ólöf Ólafsdóttir, Directorate of School, Out-of-School and Higher Education for their expert opinions;
  • Elda Moreno, Secretary of the Programme ‘Building a Europe for and with Children’, for motivation and support during the production process.
  • Gabriella Tisza, information officer of the EYCB, without whose committed work the entire interactive communication process would not have taken place.
  • Rachel Appleby, for being more than a proofreader.
  • Dániel Horváth and Diána Nagy for their creativity and flexibility in producing the design and illustration to this manual.

We apologise for any omission and regret that we were not able to include all materials and suggestions received.