Simulation Game

Aim: To illustrate the role of power relations in the causes of racism and intolerance

Content: Four different regions of a country attempt to decide together if a national cultural festival should be held in the capital and what the programme contents should be.

Duration: One day, including evaluation

Participants: At least 16


• General information sheet ;

• Map (see illustration), distributed to all participants;

• Guidelines for the four regional governments A, B, C, D;

• plenary room;

• space for each group to meet undisturbed

• poster paper and/or overhead projector sheets, pens

Running :

Phase 1 (half a day)

• Introduction of the simulation game (including timetable) and division of participants into four groups of equal size. These groups represent the regional governments of A, B, C and D.

• Distribution of information sheets and guidelines.

• Each group elects a Chairperson

• Each group defines its own culture (values, traditions, symbols, rules, etc) based on the description of each region. And their imagination!

• Using posters or overhead projector sheets, each group prepares its arguments and strategies to support their proposals for the site and programme of the festival.

• Negotiations between the groups are allowed after the first hour

Phase 2 (1/2 day)

• Takes place in the plenary room. Each regional government has 5 minutes to present their "culture" and their proposals.

• The debate begins with one representative from each regional government allowed to speak.

• Representatives can be changed.

• The game leader prevents chaos in the debate, but does not lead discussions.

• Proposals are put to the vote.

• Evaluation (allow at least 30 minutes for this)

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