Viele kleine Leute, die in vielen kleinen Orten viele kleine Dinge tun, können das Gesicht der Welt verändern.
tr: Many small people, who do many small things in many small places, can change the face of the world.
["Ausländerfeindlichkeit", Bund der Pfadfinderinnen und Pfadfinder, Asel/Ostfriesland, December 1992]

And now to work. Against racism and xenophobia, everybody always has something to do.
[Jean Montenat, seminar leader, "Open Frontiers - Racism, Xenophobia - the Future?", European Coordination Bureau, 1981]

One of the first thoughts about titles for this section of ALIEN 93 was to call it "External and Internal Methods Against Racism and Xenophobia". The essential meaning of this would be to describe those things which youth organisations do in the 'outside world' (campaigns, meetings, publications) and those which take place within the organisation (seminars, training, reflection). This idea was abandoned because there is no strict dividing line between youth organisations and the outside world and because of the recognition that a combination of political, social and educational responses are needed to racism and xenophobia. A fair degree of tolerance and dialogue would seem to be required between people and organisations involved in this work: sometimes it is easier to criticise those who have similar goals (but different strategies), than to concentrate on striving for change. No-one would pretend that youth organisations have all the answers, but many of them, co-operating with each other and making wider alliances, find new answers as they go.

There are many suggestions for action and consideration in this section. If you find particular ones interesting, it would be worthwhile to contact the relevant organisation for more information.

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