Welcome to this internet edition of ALIEN '932

When ALIEN 93 was produced back in 1993, access to the internet was restricted basically to academics, big business and governments – none of us had e-mail and we contacted each other using the post, fax and telephone. Nowadays, access to internet is still not available to everybody and we need to be doing more to combat this new form of exclusion. Still, things are improving and the opportunities to use the internet to share ideas and make publications more accessible are – thinking back to 1992 – incredible. Contributing to an evolving community of practice on human rights education throughout the world certainly assists in creating links and solidarity.

With the successful launch of Compass on-line, it made sense to update the publications which formed the core of the educational effort of the "all different – all equal" campaign and to make them more widely available within the context of the Human Rights Education initiative. And it made sense to use the possibility to make relevant links between Compass, DOmino, the Education Pack "all different all equal" and this one – as you click through them you will find much which is complementary. Especially exciting is the chance to make links between more reflective pieces and activities, so that each enhances the other.

So what has changed here? The bulk of the text remains unchanged. We have updated references and examples; and deleted ones which are now irrelevant. We have been very selective in the inclusion of links to other relevant web sites. And a technical note here: as site designers often change the internal structure of their sites, usually we only give the basic domain name for a site; when more complicated addresses are referenced then we also state the date of access.

We hope you will find this edition easy to use and challenging to put into practice!

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