A manual on human rights education with young people

Written by
Patricia Brander
Rui Gomes
Ellie Keen
Marie-Laure Lemineur
  Bárbara Oliveira
Jana Ondrácková 
Alessio Surian
Olena Suslova

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Edited by

Patricia Brander

Ellie Keen

Marie-Laure Lemineur

Project coordination and final editing:
Rui Gomes

Project assistant: Natalia Miklash

This manual was produced under the guidance and support of a reference group, composed of:
Dr Elie Abouaoun
Mr. Anatoliy Azaro
Ms Patricia Brander
Ms Ellie Keen
Ms Corina Michaela Leca
Ms Marie-Laure Lemineur 
Ms Brigitte Mooljeer
  Ms Louise Nylin
Ms Bárbara Oliveira
Ms Eunice Smith (Unesco)
Mr. Alessio Surian
Ms Olena Suslova
Mr. Wim Taelman
Mr. Andrew Yurov

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English book:

"COMPASS" - A manual on human rights education with young people 
ISBN: 92-871-4880-5
© Council of Europe, May 2002

French book:

"REPERES" - Manuel pour la pratique de l'éducation aux droits de l'homme avec les jeunes
ISBN 92-871-4595-3 
© Council of Europe, December 2002

Russian book:

ISBN 92-871-4596-1 
© Council of Europe, December 2002

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