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Words of thanks, recognition and appreciation are owed to:

  • The members of the Reference Group, for their commitment, generosity and support to the writers;
  • Sunduss al-Hassani, Henrike Eisfeld, Dariusz Grzemny, Dilwar Hussain, Dr Mónika Mádai, Ivan Ivanov, Yael Ohana, Tavs Qvist, Györgyi Tóth and Arjos Vendrig for commenting and suggesting texts;
  • Jeroen Schokkenbroek, from the Directorate General of Human Rights of the Council of Europe, for careful reading and useful suggestions;
  • Nadia Banno Gomes, Teresa Cunha, Laura De Witte, Deepak G. Naik, Eugen Gherga, Erzsébet Kovács, Anna Rogowska, Nana Saginashvili and many others for their pertinent remarks and useful suggestions;
  • The Division of Human Rights, Peace, Democracy and Tolerance at Unesco for motivation and useful advice;
  • Youth organisations, national youth councils, the Foundation for Human and Humanitarian Rights (Lebanon), the Charles Malik Foundation and many other organisations, for submitting reference materials;
  • Users and readers of the draft texts on the Internet - including those who are sceptical about the value of this manual;
  • Members of the Human Rights Education Associates' Global Human Rights Education List for comments and suggestions for the title;
  • The Monitoring Group of the Human Rights Education Youth Programme for support and ideas;
  • All those who have, sometimes involuntarily, contributed to the shaping of the contents;
  • Michael Hughes, from The British Council, Budapest, for being more than a proofreader.

Links for the "all different - all equal" Education Pack, Domino and Alien 93: Pat Brander, Rui Gomes, Mark Taylor, March 2004.

The International Union of Railways and, in particular, Inter Rail for their financial support through the Solidarity Fund for Youth Mobility.

We apologise for any omission and regret that we were not able to include all materials and suggestions received.

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